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When you finally start the process of buying a new home, it’s exciting — maybe you’re upsizing to a larger house or moving out to the country. It’s a time of possibilities and new beginnings, but it’s also a huge investment. At Buyers Inspection Services, we’re here to share in the excitement, but also ensure you’re making the best decision for your family’s future. From moisture meters and thermal imaging to crawl space and aerial drone photography, we’ll make sure no stone goes unturned. Let us show you what 21 years of experience and expertise looks like.


This is our comprehensive home inspection that gives you the opportunity to evaluate your investment. An additional inspection is sometimes recommended at this point. Typically additional inspection might be stucco, drain line, termite, pool, lead based paint, mold, etc.


These inspections give us an opportunity to evaluate and report on the ongoing construction of a new home. We will inspect your project at 3 points during the construction process. The 1st inspection takes place before the concrete is poured. The 2nd phase inspection occurs after the framing is completed and before insulation and drywall is installed. We perform our 3rd and final inspection after the construction is completed. Our Phase Inspections make sure that defects are found before they can be hidden by later stages of construction.


Most builders offer a warranty for one year after completing construction (some portions or items may carry a longer warranty period). If you didn’t have an inspection or phase inspections then now is the time to have everything documented and sent to the builder for repair. Some defects only reveal themselves after time, and to make sure that nothing has developed since your final walkthrough, scheduling an inspection one month before the warranty will expire is very important to protect your largest investment.


Newly construction can appear to be a safe without the need for an inspection but it is important to evaluate the condition of these properties. We carry the maximum amount of General Liability that the most stringent builders require. Before your walkthrough or final walkthrough with the contractor, schedule a New Construction Inspection to allow us to search for any defects.


We use a drone for inspection of the roof (equipment, weather and site permitting). If we are able to get safely get on the roof; that’s what we’ll do for a more through inspection. Most 2-story roofs are not inspected from the surface of the roof covering. If this is an important consideration for you, contact us at least 24 hours ahead of time, let us know a roofer is needed (no charge to you) and we’ll make every effort to arrange that.

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Providing Attention to detail