What Is A Weep Hole, And Why Is It Important? Buyers Inspection Services January 12, 2023

What Is A Weep Hole, And Why Is It Important?

What Is A Weep Hole, And Why Is It Important?

To prevent water infiltration, weep holes are essential. There are many places where weep holes can be found, such as bricks or windows. What exactly is a leak hole?
A weep hole is a way for water to escape from a building’s envelope. A home’s weep holes have an essential function, allowing it to breathe,” as some say. Weep holes are designed to allow water out of the home because there are many ways to get in.

Brick Siding: How do weep holes work?

This is the weep hole at the bottom brick exterior wall. If water gets behind the brick through small cracks in the mortar, it can fall to the bottom.
These holes should not be sealed, and water may be forced inside the home if these holes are filled. These holes must be free of vegetation. You, as a homeowner, should ensure that there is no vegetation in these holes.
This is an excellent example of vegetation blocking the weep holes in brick siding. How can you expect water to escape your home if the holes are blocked?

How to weep holes work on windows

Above is a close-up picture of a leak hole from the view through the window track. The black rectangle is highlighted with a small crack of sunlight in its middle. This is a flap that allows water out but not in! This is the hole in a window at work.
Remember that different windows use different weep holes than the one shown above. Some windows are older and may not have weep holes, while others may have an opening or slot that allows water to escape.
Keep these weep holes clear of paint, caulk, or debris. This is because they need to be better informed.

Last Thoughts

If water enters your home, weep holes will allow it to escape the building envelope. You can ensure water drainage is safe by providing no obstructions to the weep holes.